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Conveyor belts for inclined transport

for bulk material and unit loads
Rubber conveyor belts with smooth surfaces are normally limited to applications with gradients of not more than 18° - 22°, steeper angels call for belts with profiled or cleated surfaces that prevent bulk material or unit loads from sliding backward.


  • several different U-cleat shapes and V-cleat shapes (Chevron)
  • open or closed cleats
  • inclinations up to 45° (depending on material characteristics, cleat and cleat heights)
  • detailed drawing on request
  • cleat heights from 10 mm up to 35 mm (depending on type)
  • cleat lengths are depending on belt type
  • cleats are hot vulcanized, not later fixed or sticked
  • return strand can be supported by normal idlers
  • splicing or repairs as for normal flat belts
  • bigger pulleys required than for flat belts: no snub pulleys
  • belt cleaning by brush, vibrating drum or water jet-stream

Technical details

  • the carcass consists of fully synthetic plies (EP 125 and EP 160), other types on request
  • belt widths from 300 mm up to 1.200 mm
  • normally the cover thickness of these belts are 2-3 mm (top cover) and 1 mm (bottom cover) - depending of the belt type, other cover thicknesses on customer request
  • available in different cover grades as
    • normal, anti-abrasive
    • oil- and grease resistant
    • oil-, grease- and cold resistant, flame resistant
    • flame resistant
    • extinguishing acc. to ISO 340
    • chemical resistant
    • heat resistant
  • belts are antistatic and available with solid or cut edges
  • delivery lengths of up to 130 m (depending on type of cleats)
  • endless vulcanized lengths are a multiple of the profile lengths (250 / 333 / 500 mm)


  • quarries / sandpits (stone, sand, gravel)
  • fertilizer / salt mines
  • cement factories / limestone quarries
  • agriculture: conveying of turnips, potatoes, grains, droppings
  • warehouses / wood industries
  • foundings / steel industries
  • sugar industries / trade centres
  • conveying of coal and coke
  • minings

Other profiled conveyor belts are also available for bulk material and unit loads - please contact us !

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