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system for traffic calming

Slowing down traffic is necessary. The reduction of automobile speed and an increase in driver awareness offers the only real hope of a lasting reduction of the dramatically increasing number of urban traffic accidents. 65 000 children were involved in traffic accidents on their way to school, 60 of them were killed in 1998 alone. The establishment of slow-traffic zones has proven to be an effective measure in the fight to prevent accidents - effective only as long as car drivers are clearly and emphatically alerted to the traffic restrictions and their own obligation to conform to them.
The SPEED BLOCKERŪ Mat takes on this responsibility and is less expensive than paving.
Speedblocker-Matte in der Anwendung
Please find further information to SPEED BLOCKERŪ - Mat here (Information [pdf]) and here (Mounting Instructions [pdf]) or on http://www.speedblocker.de.
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