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Repaschol 178 / Helmipren 14021 / Trellbond T2

following only mentioned as Repaschol!


Repaschol is a two-component contact adhesive for joining and repairing conveyor belts, lining steel containers and applying rubber coating to rollers. Repaschol is approved for use in mines.


Joints made with Repaschol are temperature, plasticizer and moisture resistant. The pertinent values are dependant on the composition of the rubber compound and the stress to which the part is exposed.

Technical data

  Base:   polychloroprene
  Colour:   black
  Viscosity (Brookfield):   approx. 4.000 mPas (*)
  Density:   approx. 1,42 g/cm
  Thinner / Cleaner:   Solution 691
  Hardener (percentage):   5 % hardener 500 A new (heavy combustible)
  Pot life:   approx. 3 hours
  Application:   brush or spatula
  Coverage:   300 - 400 g/m
  Drying time:   10 - 15 minutes
  Contact life:   approx. 30 minutes
  Setting time:   approx. 24 hours
  Storage life:   approx. 12 months
  Conditions for storage and transport:   well closed at temperatures not below +10C
  Sensitive to cold:   yes, can be thawed
  Inflammable:   no - heavy combustible
  Labelling acc. to regulations for dangerous goods:   T (see Safety data sheet)

(*) The viscosity indicated above is based on a temperature of 20C prevailing at the time of production. Minor deviations may occur during storage.


The materials to be bonded must be dry and free from grease and dust. If necessary, they should be cleaned with solution 691.
Rubber surfaces have to be roughened. Since roughened surfaces lose part of their effectiveness during longer periods of storage, adhesive must be applied to roughened rubber surfaces right away.
In order to improve the adhesion of Repaschol to metal surfaces, it is recommended to apply a coat of steel primer first.

Instruction for use

Carefully mix Repaschol with the hardener.
The best adhesion to various rubber materials is achieved within 15-30 minutes after the mixture with the hardener. After this mixture has been stored for a longer period of time, its adhesion decreases to a certain extent.
The adhesive/hardener mixture is applied to the suitable prepared surface of the materials to be bonded by means of a brush or spatula. When bonding rubber to rubber, it is recommended to apply the adhesive twice, waiting at least 10 minutes after the first application for the adhesive to dry. When bonding textiles the adhesive has to be applied three times so as to achieve a good adhesion (in this case, too, at least 10 minutes should be allowed for drying of the adhesive after each application).
After the adhesive has been allowed to dry, the parts are bonded within the contact life of the adhesive by applying brief pressure with hammer or preferably with a press.
To avoid faulty bonding, the temperature of the room and the adhesive should not be allowed to drop below 15C.

Dispatch packing

  • one-way-metal-tin with 3 kg net
  • one-way-metal-tin with 1 kg net / 8 pieces / carton
  • one-way-glass-bottle with 150 g / 24 pieces / carton
  • one-way-glass-bottle with 50 g / 24 pieces / carton

Important notice

Statements and recommendations made herein are based on tests believed to be reliable. However, no guarantee of their accuracy or completeness is made. Unless otherwise provided in written contracts, products are sold without warranties or conditions expressed or implied. Purchaser must conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of our product for their particular purpose. This technical data sheet supersedes all previous information issued regarding above product.

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