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One component contact adhesive
Uses: Permanent elastic bonding of rubber, leather, imitation leather, metal, fabrics, felt, neoprene, ceramics, different plastics, wood, concrete
Base: polychloroprene Colour: brownish
Density: 0,95 g/cm³ Viskosity: approx. 2400mPa s
Diluting/cleaner: Lösit Dur Application: brush, spatula
Coverage: 250 - 300 g/m² Drying time: 10 - 30 min
Contact life: approx. 40 min. Final strength: approx. 24 h
Heat resistant: up to 70°C Storage life: min. 6 months
Danger class (VbF): A I (inflammable) Labelling: F, Xn
Safety data sheet: available on request Storage requirements: dry, cool, in tightly closed buckets

  • tube 45 g
  • 300 g and 700 g tin
  • 5 kg and 25 kg hobbock
Important notice: This product information sheet is the result of extensive research and engineering experience. All information is given to the best of our knowledge. The information contained herein does not constitute a product promise and does not exempt the user from carrying out his own tests prior to applying the product for his special uses. The advice contained in this product information is given without the manufacturer accepting any liability for damages or legal claims of any kind. All information is subject to changes through technical innovation.
Standing: April 2000

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