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EP- and NN-fabric for Conveyor Belts

We represent and promote in Europe the largest manufacturer of EP Fabric, NN Fabric and PP Fabric in P.R. China which consumed by conveyor belts manufacturer.
We have the right to sell their products (EP fabric, NN fabric, PP fabric, HMLS Plyester tyre cord fabric, standard polyester tyre cord fabric, N-6 tyre cord fabric etc.) in Europe and we are their representation in Germany.

The company takes the lead in scale of production, variety of products, equipment and technology among tyre cord fabrics and canvases factories within China. It covers an area of 485.000 mē, its current production capacity each year is 20.000 tons of tyre cord fabrics and canvases. According to the overall development blueprint, the company will, within a period of three years, expand to such an extent that its annual production capacity will be 20.000 tons of Polyester HMLS industrial filaments, 20.000 tons of dipped polyester tyre cord fabrics, 10.000 tons of canvases and 10.000 tons of dipped nylon tyre cord fabrics.
The main production equipments, such as polyester HMLS industrial filament production line, cablecorders, rapier looms and double-dip dipping line were imported from Germany and the United States of America. The dipped ordinary polyester and HMLS polyester tyre cord fabrics, nylon tyre cord fabrics, EP canvas, NN canvas, polyester canvas, polyester/ cotton canvas, Kevlar canvas, glassfibre canvas, fishing net fabrics and dam-building fabrics developed and produced by the company are being widely used in manufacturing rubber tyres, v-belts, conveyor belts, hoses, flak jackets, soft oil tanks for military purposes, fishing nets and rubber dams etc. The products are being sold to more than 150 enterprises scattered in over 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over China and some of the products are being exported to more than 50 countries and regions in quantities.
The company is making continuos efforts to develop new products and is trying for becoming the pioneer in researching and developing new materials of rubber framework.
Quality is the foundation stone of reputation. Based on the standards of ISO 9001, the company has established strict quality control system. Using the sophisticated testing instruments, perfect know-how and high sense of responsibilty, the quality control persons control all the processes round the clock to ensure the product quality in uniformity with the specification and requirements and to minimize or to avoid defective products.
The new production line of HMLS Polyester Industrial Filament
Production line of HMLS Polyester Industrial Filament, Made in Germany

The company established a new production line to produce 10.000 tons of HMLS polyester industrial filaments which were completed and put into operation in 2004. The equipment and technology of the new line were imported from abroad and are the most advanced in the world. The HMLS Polyester industrial filaments produced with the latest technology of spin-draw are of high modular, low shrinkage, small breaking elongation and excellent anti-fatigue etc. and are the substitutes to ordinary polyester filaments. The research, development and production of HMLS polyester industrial filaments are being advocated by the State.
Cable corders, Made in Germany

The two-for-one twisting machine and assembly precision cross winder, Made in Germany


Rapier looms and tension - controlled creels, Made in Germany

Tension controlled machine

Warping machine, Made in Germany

Advanced dipping line is widely used in dipping fabrics and canvases of polyester, kevlar, nylon, vinylon and glass fibre fabrics, Made in USA



1. HMLS Polyester tyre cord fabric
2. Standard Polyester tyre cord fabric
Series of dipped Polyester Tyre Cord Fabrics
The normal and HMLS Polyester tyre cord fabrics produced are the framework for making meridian tyres, light-duty truck tyres, v-belts and other rubber products.
3. N-6 Tyre Cord Fabric
Series of dipped nylon tyre cord fabrics
The company can provide customers with series of dipped nylon tyre cord fabrics of Nylon 6, Nylon 66, 2.100 dtex/2, 1.870 dtex/2, 1.400 dtex/2, 1.400 dtex/3, 930 dtex/2 and other products of various styles and specifications.
4. Series products of canvases
Polyester-Nylon canvas, Nylon canvas, HMLS & EP canvas, glass fibre canvas mainly used for the framework of conveying belts, special canvas for dam building and heat-proof polyester/cotton canvas, vinylon canvas, Polyester double-warp/double weft plaion-weaving canvas, straightened warp and weft fabrics, Kevlar canvas and other special canvases of different styles and specifications.

Please contact us for further specifications of these canvases!

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