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Elevator Conveyor Belts

for vertical conveying
Elevator-Belts are designed to be used in all areas of belt-type elevators (belt elevators, pendulum belt bucket elevators etc.) - the carcass construction assures endurance as well as long service life and reliability. From technical and economical point of view Elevator Conveyor Belts are the best solution.

1. Elevator-belts with fabric reinforcement

  • with renowned elevator carcass with limited extensibility
  • special rubber layer with high fabric adhesion (skimmed layer)
  • cover type and cover thickness on demand
  • belt width on demand
  • on demand up to EP 3150/6 possible (minimum production length)
  • high pull-out resistance of fixing screws
  • very low elongation at 10 % reference load
  • also possible with transverse reinforcement
  • cover also possible with cured in grooves/holes for fixing metal boards
  • owing to high abrasion resistant cover construction damages are limited and minimised
  • asymmetric cover thickness also possible
  • high adhesion strength
  • high economy due to low maintenance and operational expenses
  • favourable endless splicing by hot and cold curing, or mechanical clamping
  • favourable belt price/effect relation
  • manufacture according to DIN 22102 and DIN 22104
  • weathering and rotting resistant
  • solid or cut edges
  • various rubber cover grades

2. Elevator-Belts with steel reinforcement

  • flexible, brass-coated steelcord in warp direction
  • double layer of extra-rigid steelcord in weft direction, for high cross rigidity
  • cover grade and cover thickness on customer request
  • belt width from 450 mm up to 1.600 mm
  • up to 2.000 N/mm (minimum production length)
  • small pulley diameters
  • minimum take-up lengths
  • max. 0,5 % elongation
  • reliable, hot-vulcanized slices or clamp connection
  • low noise levels, thanks to outstanding cross-rigidity
  • solid rubber edges
  • various rubber cover grades

3. Elevator-Belts are used in

  • cement industry, concrete plants
  • sand, gravel and stone industry
  • heating stations, thermal station, garbage incinerating plants
  • asphalt mixing plants
  • recycling, compost, mineral processing plants
  • timber industry and sawmills
  • farming
  • warehousing, silo feeding
  • docks, ship loading and unloading
  • sugar, salt, potatoes and starch factories
  • foundries, clarification plants
  • ... and at your plant !
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